Dr. Dan Feldman, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Haifa

Main field of research: Core-sets (data summarization) for Learning and Robotics via Computational Geometry

Example Applications: Real-time optimization and machine/deep learning for Internet of Things (embedded devices), Swarm robotics, Radar and 3D-cameras

Main field of research in the consortium:

Coresets for visual navigation and (SLAM) and Clustering of radar data.


Email:  dannyf.post@gmail.com

Web Page: 

Researcher's page: http://people.csail.mit.edu/dannyf/#about

Dr. Anna Brook. Department of Geography and Environmental Studies University of Haifa.

Main field of research: Development of data fusion techniques and

performing efficient algorithms for integrated multi-source

data enlarging the application envelope

of each individual technology.

Main field of research in the consortium:

Fusion on VIS and LWIR imagery data

Adapting and developing of anomaly detection algorithms 

Email: abrook@geo.haifa.ac.il

WEbpage:  https://sites.hevra.haifa.ac.il/abrook